Privacy Policy

Laws and Regulations”).

Basic Policy for Protection of Personal Information

  1. Form an internal control framework for treatment of personal information
  2. Obtain personal information to the extent necessary for the purpose of its utilization in a proper and appropriate manner
  3. Establish appropriate safety control measures to prevent loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information
  4. Utilize personal information to the extent necessary for the purpose of its utilization, and take measures necessary to comply with the Laws and Regulations when providing personal information to third parties
  5. Make efforts to respond to inquiries and requests for disclosure, correction and cessation of utilization, etc.
  6. Educate officers and employees to disseminate the sense for protection of personal information
  7. Comply with Laws and Regulations, guidelines and other norms relating to the treatment of personal information, and continuously review this Privacy Policy and control framework

About Treatment of Personal Information

  1. (Purpose of Utilization)

GPI will utilize the Personal Information obtained in the course of its business activities to only the extent necessary to achieve the following purposes. Unless the consent of the Principal is obtained, except as permitted under the Laws and Regulations, the Personal Information will not be utilized for other purposes than the following purposes of utilization:

(1) Execution and performance of contracts between GPI and its customers, and other transaction control;

(2) Liaisons and notices between GPI and its customers;

(3) Proposal of transactions or other provision of information with respect to transaction between GPI and its customers;

(4) Development, implementation of GPI’s business (please see “Our Business” on this homepage for details of GPI’s business) and survey, analysis, study, control and audit of GPI’s business;

(5) Sharing of information with industry/association related parties, public organization related parties, academic organization related parties and other related parties in relation to GPI’s business; and

(6) Determination of whether to employ or not and its notification;

(7) Other business relating to or associated with the foregoing.

In order to achieve foregoing purposes of utilization, GPI may entrust the handling of personal information to entrusted persons. In such cases, GPI will select proper entrusted person and supervise the entrusted person so as to seek security control of personal information.

In order to achieve foregoing purposes of utilization, GPI may provide personal information to third parties. When providing personal information to third parties, GPI will, unless otherwise permitted by the Laws and Regulations, obtain a principal’s consent in advance or take necessary measures in accordance with the Laws and Regulations. In other cases, GPI will not provide or disclose personal information to third parties.

2. (Joint Utilization of Personal Information)

GPI may make joint utilization of Personal Information to the extent of the purposes of joint utilization set forth below in the manner set forth below:

(1) Items of Personal Data for Joint utilization

Company information, department, title, name, address, telephone number, facsimile number, E-mail address

(2) Scope of parties jointly utilizing

Entities and organizations which are, or will be, established by GPI for GPI’s Development and Operations (please see “Development” for details of GPI’s current Development” and “Operations” for details of GPI’s current Operations), partners providing funding to these entities and organizations, GPI’s group companies such as Pattern Energy Group LP, Pattern Energy Group 2 LP and Pattern Energy Group Inc. and their affiliated entities and organizations. When personal information will be provided to entities and organizations located in foreign countries, it will be provided to such extent and in such manner as permitted under the Laws and Regulations.

(3) Purpose of Utilization of parties jointly utilizing

Same as GPI’s purpose of utilization

(4) Person responsible for control of Joint utilization of Personal Data

Green Power Investment Corporation

3. (Disclosure, Correction and Cessation of Utilization Etc. in relation to Retained personal data)

GPI will make efforts to respond properly and quickly if and when a Principal makes inquires or requests with respect to disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, cessation of utilization , cessation of provision to third parties, etc. (“Disclosure Etc.”) subject to identity verification of the Principal.Principals are requested to present identification verification documents (such as driver license, passport, etc.) for identification verification when making request for Disclosure Etc.. GPI’s contact for Disclosure Etc. and claims/inquiries/consultations is as follows:

Address to be sent

Green Power Investment Corporation, Personal Information Inquiry Desk

Akasaka Intercity 3F, 1-11-44 Akasaka,Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052

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